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The teapots on this page have been handpicked for their practicality and value as outstanding examples of Yixing pottery. Although some are unused, none are actually new, having been acquired from old inventories and private collections. If you already own and use a number of Yixing teapots, you may find the next addition to your collection here. Though these pots certainly qualify as hand-crafted works of art, they are best appreciated as brewing vessels, and will look their best over time with frequent use.



The Korean teapots featured here are all examples of fine hand-made craftsmanship. They have been made with delicate green tea preparation in mind, so glazed stoneware, often wood-fired, is the material of choice. The teapots are simply adorned with designs reflecting elements of nature, and glazes that evoke Korea’s ancient pottery traditions. This simplicity of design combined with fine function makes them a joy to use, and they add elegance to any tea service.


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