9 “2020” Teas Found


Alishan Wulong: Winter 2020 Premium thumbnail


Baozhong: Winter 2020 Premium thumbnail

Lishan Wulong: Spring 2020 Special Acquisition
Grown at high elevation (1700-2500 meters) on Taiwan’s Lishan mountain range, a region famous for producing excellent fruit as well as tea.

Saejak Goryeo 2020 thumbnail

This tea is made in the same style as the woojeon and tukpoom grades, but is picked just a little later and therefore commands a lower price.

Shuixian: Winter 2020 Premium thumbnail


Superior Baihao thumbnail

This tea is a great value, with a malty, rich fruit flavor and robust color in the cup.
Tieguanyin: Winter 2020 Premium
Smoky and rich, the aromatic complexity of this batch is the result of multiple extremely labor-intensive charcoal bakes.

Woojeon Goryeo 2020 thumbnail

The standard in high end Korean green teas, smooth and sweet across multiple infusions, and a notch more subtle than the saejak.

Woojeon Hongcha Goryeo 2020 thumbnail

Woojeon-grade leaves processed into a black tea by the same producer as the Woojeon green tea.