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The Korean Way of Tea
by Brother Anthony of Taizé & Hong Kyeong-hee

Tea drinking is now a global pastime and a delectable variety of teas are much sought after by connoisseurs worldwide. In this meditative volume to understanding, appreciating and serving Korean tea, authors Brother Anthony of Taizé and Hong Kyeong-hee share their intimate knowledge of a cultural practice and art form, that at its core embraces universal principles of peace, refinement, and simplicity. The Korean Way of Tea is a rich and inviting text, accompanied by full-color photographs of the beauty of Korea, her architecture, nature and people. This introductory guide is a welcome addition for anyone interested in tea and its extraordinary contribution to the Korean cultural tradition.

Available at a discount when purchased with 35g or more of Korean tea.
No. 2539
No. 2539 w/tea
Art of Tea Magazine thumbnail
Art of Tea Magazine
This English-language magazine, published quarterly in Taiwan, is filled with photos and articles that range from the technical to the aesthetic. Of particular interest in vol. 7, the first four articles contrast tieguanyin tea on both sides of the Taiwan strait.

Volumes 2-14 are all currently available on a special-order basis. The price for volumes 2-14 includes express shipping directly from Taiwan. See the Art of Tea Magazine Index in the resources section for a listing of articles by issue.
No. 1401 vol 2-14
No. 1404 vol. 2
No. 1402 vol. 3
No. 1405 vol. 4
No. 1399 vol. 5
No. 1377 vol. 7
No. 1381 vol. 8
No. 1386 vol. 9
No. 1387 vol. 10
No. 1388 vol. 11
No. 1400 vol. 12

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