6 Teapots Found

Baekdam Teapot
White stoneware with very pale blue glaze, wood-fired.
No. 2565     $255.00
Butterfly Teapot
Elegant shape with butterfly accent on lid; gas-fired.
No. 2567     $220.00
Drum-Shaped Teapot
The combination of this pot’s wide lid opening and yellow color suggest it would be great as a dedicated pot for baozhong tea.
No. 2571      $215.00      SOLD OUT
Rustic Teapot
Glazed stoneware; wood-fired.
No. 2566     $230.00
Ruyi Teapot
This teapot has the same ownership history as 5084, but dates to the 1970s.
No. 5085      $250.00      SOLD OUT
Ruyi Xianglu Teapot
Incense burner-shaped, three-footed teapot with intricate, well-executed ruyi designs.
No. 5072      $275.00      SOLD OUT